Water Damage Affects More Than Your Home

Water Damage Affects More Than Your Home

When people think of water damage they usually envision watermarks on floors and baseboard slick with mildew and water sediment. While home damage is often a serious part of working with water damage it isn’t the only thing to consider. Since water features a way of getting everywhere just about anything in your home is at risk. Water damage companies can come out and repair your own home, but the brunt with the other damage remains to you.


Electronics can be absolutely destroyed in short amount of time by water. Anything from your toaster in your cell phone can be ruined if subjected to water for even a short amount of time. Electrical appliances including blenders, toasters and microwaves should all be inspected by an electrician before using. Should your cell phone hasn’t been encountered with much water or if you were able to rescue it straight away immediately remove the battery. Require a second to look from the corner where your battery goes. There should be a small white circle or square without or with red lines. If the area is pink or red your phone has experienced some a higher level water damage. Dry the product gently with a clean, soft towel after removing any cover or other accessories. Position the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice leave it for at least 12 hours. The rice will help pull out any remaining moisture. Once you have let it sit position the phone on absorbent towel and appearance it every 4 hours roughly for any signs of moisture. Overall, your entire process should take no less than 24 hours in order to allow the phone to properly and thoroughly dry.

Computers certainly are a major concern when it comes to water damage. As with any little bit of electrical equipment the thing is to completely dry the machine. Unscrew the housing case of your computer and remove it totally. Be sure you make notes if you feel you won’t remember how to put it back on, but it is usually simply a the event of unscrewing the anchor screws on the back and lifting it well. Gently dry what you could easily reach but do not touch any of the boards. Permit the exposed machine to take a seat and dry naturally in the room with good circulation. Do not try to turn your computer on until you know it’s completely dry. When you have it back up and running immediately backup your hard drive onto a thumb drive or other portable device in the event that parts are damaged such as the stop working right away.

Documents, books photos are another common victim water damage. Photos and documents ought to be rinsed if needed and laid flat on absorbent paper to dry. If it’s possible to have an oscillating fan on low nearby that will help too. Keep in mind the photos and documents will invariably retain certain damage because of the water but you are able to rescue them. Books must be removed quickly if they are waterlogged place blotting paper between every 20 or 50 pages. Alter the paper often and leave open to dry. Books which can be beyond salvation needs to be thrown out immediately in order to prevent the spread of mold for your remaining collection.

For victims of water damage, the work associated with recovery can seem endless. Since time can be so crucial when it comes to saving your own home and possessions from water damage and mold it can feel overwhelming initially. Remember to stay calm and do what you could as quickly as you can. Hire professionals right away to deal with your home damage from water issues so that you are free to tend to the possessions which require attention to live the ordeal. And, obviously, no matter how trying the process may be, remember that things can be replaced but you and your loved ones cannot.


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